The Team



With our diverse experience, we cover a broad spectrum of specialist areas and offer competent and highly professional service



Dipl. Stat. Elisabeth Vieth 

Highly experienced professional working for more than 25 years in pharmaceutical industry.

Her many years of experience cover biometrics, datamanagement and qualitiy control. Mrs. Vieth's activities comprehend programming of analysis datasets and TLFs, randomization, creation/review of SAPs and reports for clinical trial (Phase I- III) and non-interventional



Peter Jähnig, pj statistics

Peter gained during 25 years of working as biostatistician in the area of clinical trials a wide range of in-depth knowledge.This covers for instance early phase clinical trials ("first in man" to "proof of concept", pharmacokinetic/-dynamic and bioequivalence studies), vaccine trials, CNS (polysomnography), urology, oncology, immunology as well as non-interventional studies, medical devices and dietary supplements.
Performing seminars and lectures Peter has close contacts to universities, mainly the Beuth University of Applied Science, Berlin, and the Free University, Berlin and is involved as a consultant or supervisor for statistics in academic thesis or papers.